TES schools awards: e-learning initiatives

The TES has released the shortlist for its second annual Schools Awards for England and Wales, including the category ‘Best e-learning initiative’. Here’s the e-learning shortlist:

Elstree School, Berkshire
Project: networked first-person shooter game. A bank of 200 KS3 science questions were integrated into the program to create a game called Science Slaughter. Players answer questions in order to pick up ammunition. It can be used for assessment by tracking scores and can be linked to questions primed in a lesson.

Evelyn Street Community Primary School, Warrington
Project: to encourage junior boys to engage with the curriculum, they were given hand-held computers to take home to access games and websites controlled by the school’s ICT technician.

Francis Bacon Maths and Computing College, Hertfordshire
Project: 8,000 interactive learning games have added fun and diversity to the curriculum and homework. Pupils can also create “micons” and earn credits to spend on their character once they have completed learning games.

Mount Grace School, Hertfordshire
Project: The Retreat is a space for disruptive pupils at risk of being expelled. Pupils can interact with the subject teacher via text or live through a microphone.

Saltash.net Community School, Cornwall
Project: Recharge the Battery examines ethics through awareness of animal welfare in battery farmed eggs. Pupils communicated their opinions through blogs, podcasts and videos.

Teddington School, Middlesex
Project: Thought for the Day is an interactive bulletin during morning registration that overcomes the problem of limited space for morning assemblies. A website displays readings, topics, policies and videos. Pupils can interact with their opinions or contribute displays of their work.

While it’s difficult to imagine the parent-teacher association wholeheartedly backing ‘Science Slaughter’, I’m impressed by the ‘micon’ and avatar-editing system devised by the Francis Bacon Maths and Computing College. It’d be very interesting to see how pupil’s motivation is affected by this kind of reward system for completing activities.

The full TES shortlist is here.


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