Mobile phones in learning

nonzero_logoThere’s a handy page of links over at Teachnet to websites allowing constructive use of mobile phones in learning contexts. This includes resources to share cameraphone images, including the ability to upload to blogs directly from the phone. There are also links to resources such as TextTheMob, allowing instant display of survey results and messages direct from mobile phones.


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  1. All mobile phones do a couple of things well, the send and receive phone calls and SMSes, from there the similarity ends. While almost all students own a mobile phone, their capabilities will vary from the basic model capable of sending and receiving phone calls and SMSes, to small computers capable of running a number of different programs, surfing the web and connecting to various services through HDSPA, wi-fi and bluetooth. Unless all the students have (or are provided with) a suitable mobile device, you can not provide training material to the selected few who have enough money to be able to purchase the right device and pay the connectivity charges involved. And is some cases select the right provider for their training location, for example at least few months ago, Vodafone and Optus did not provide coverage to Kwinana or Rockingham, which means if you are training/working in one of those industrial areas you better be with Telstra or 3 if you want to access the internet on your mobile device cheaply.

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