Kodu game creator on Xbox Live

Microsoft Research’s Kodu on Xbox 360 allows users to create their own games using a visual programming interface. Through a series of ‘if…then’ commands it’s possible to create complex interactions such as ‘if player presses R trigger then unicycle jumps and changes to random colour’.

While the resultant games are likely to be small in scale, the developers rightly claim that the fun is as much in the creation as in the finished product. Many LittleBigPlanet uers found that the level designer mode derailed ideas with fiddly placement of onscreen elements, whereas Kodu’s emphasis on logical AI behavior may mean that developing interactions and behaviours becomes a satisfying puzzle in itself. Perhaps most importantly, Kodu seems a great way to introduce young people to the basics of computer programming and abstract logical thinking.

Kodu is available now on the Xbox Live Community Games channel for just 400 Microsoft Points (£3.40).


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