GameAccessibility site launches

The AbleGamers Foundation, a West Virginia charity dedicated to information and lobbying related to disabled gamers, has launched a new site called GameAccessibility. It’s a portal for developers and researchers to share thoughts about making all games more accessible, with news updates, and is well worth a look or even signing up to get involved.


Serious Games Jam

The Serious Games Jam beta website forums are now live.

The Serious Games Online Jam will provide an online collaborative space for those interested in Serious Games to discuss, debate and vote on different topics of Serious Games. Participants will have the opportunity to post discussions, contribute to discussions, learn about the current movements and growth areas, and make connections with other participants.

As well as forums and a shoutbox, the website incorporates a karma system instead of a normal grading for user comments. Registering also automatically enters you in a draw to win a Nintendo DS.